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One of the greatest frontmen in the history of music and a legend whose popularity has proved indelible, Jim Morrison’s incredible voice, poetic lyrics, and tragic demise defined the counterculture music scene in the 1960s when pop art was at its peak.

A tribute to Morrison, ‘The Poet’ re-imagines his enigmatic visage by parameterizing the image as a tessellation of grey tones. Mild steel is treated with uniformly placed, yet seemingly irregular degrees of punctures, culminating in a transformation of the image to geometrical forms. The carefully achieved perforation, using laser cutting, requires a certain mastery in fabrication given the warpage potential of the material, and the size of the artwork. As the viewer moves away from the screen, the larger picture emerges in the form of an abstracted portrait, awash in a play of light and shadow.


1200 X 1800 X 30 mm


Mild Steel


Size, Colors, Image