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Emerging in the mid-1950s, pop art began as a revolt against the dominant traditional approaches to art and culture. It celebrates the everyday and commonplace, elevating popular culture to fine art.

As one of the most enduring protagonists ever created, the Joker has been analysed, explained, and dissected for over 50 years, and is representative of a symptom of an infected society. ‘Why So Serious’ contains portraits of three legendary actors who have essayed the character of the Joker in films across different eras, with equally riveting gravitas and gumption.

The three images, each visible only from a different vantage point, are a tribute to not just the glory of cinema, but also its fans. The interplay of geometry and the third dimension creates an enticing hide and seek experience for viewers.


1000 X 1000 X 60 MM Customizable


Acrylic, Plywood