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Science has long believed that sound waves have a large role in the shaping of the universe. From the wave-like extrusions of mountain ranges to the intricate patterns on flower petals, sound can effect matter and shape substances.

The ‘Sonuslexcia’ is conceived as an ode to Dubai and its people and is a unique amalgamation of technology, science and narrative storytelling.  Using parametric design and through the physical abstraction of sound wave manipulation, the installation depicts the words peace, growth and harmony. The words, sourced from a public campaign, are from all the languages spoken in the city. As a visual of sound, it is an abstract exploration of values that are key to the sustainable progress of not just a community, but the world at large; values that keep us grounded yet afloat.


DIA 1800 MM X H 1600 MM


Aluminum, Birchply, Mildsteel