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Along the lines of the world’s most iconic cities and representative of beloved large-scale city sign sculptures, ‘MY Dubai’ is a public art installation that celebrates the Emirate’s vibrant and resilient spirit. Considered the new emblem of Dubai, it is a cherished part of the city’s urban fabric.

We believe public art must stimulate and invite active dialogue rather than just passive observation, thereby fostering interaction and a sense of social cohesion among the viewers. This installation transcends momentary interaction to become a part of people’s memories, witness to the snapshot of their joys and nostalgia. It celebrates the flexibility, changeability, and evolution of the city, alongside an appreciation for the humans who reside and visit here. Each alphabet is extruded using parametric intelligent design, with the layers hand-assembled to represent the rippling sand dunes that have birthed Dubai.


L 7800 X B 3200 X H 3300 MM