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The world around us seems to be unobtrusive to our everyday lives, serving as a background to our goals and ambitions. The interaction between man and nature is complex: a continual struggle for power, balance and perpetuation.

Inspired by the looming threat of global warming, the installation represents that which made us, and which, if unchecked, will also be our unmaking. Part machine, part glacier, ‘Melt’ seeks to redress the imbalance between nature and rampant industrialization, by affecting the viewer’s consciousness about the environment on an emotional level. The history of the industrial revolution and its present incarnation is reflected in a series of levers and gears, cast in aluminum. This mechanized beast is countered by the lightness of Swarovski crystals that play stoic, primordial glaciers, now threatened by our growth.


Swarovski Crystals, Aluminium


1500 X 1500 X HEIGHT 1800 MM