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For more than 4,000 years now, the enigmatic stingray has found itself symbolized in ritual and art, representative of the human search for the unseen.

‘Stingray’ is an abstracted artwork based on the undulating way in which the stingray fish swim. Although the idea to capture the ‘flying’ feel of the stingray’s movement in water was simple, the artwork remains one of the most demanding designs the Studio has worked on. After more than 50 study models and two prototypes, we created this symphony of cartilaginous metal ribs, polished to reflective perfection, and propelled by a complete synergy between art, mathematics, mechanics and electronics. The interplay of the movement with light sources creates further subtle movements over and above the mesmerizing dance of the ribs. In the turbulent seas of life, ‘Stingray’ assumes an expression of almost hypnotic purpose, transforming it into a powerful metaphor of mindfulness.

Large Size:

L 1820 X B 630 X H 275 MM

Small Size:

L 1200 × B 450 × H 175 MM

Core Materials:

Stainless Steel, Aluminum


Rose Gold, Gold, Chrome, Black