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The difference between imagining something and turning it into reality has a colossal amount of difference and imagining it in the first place is even more challenging, however, your satisfaction is all that matters so we present to you, Flusso. One common thing everyone notices when they visit the beach is the waves, they are just simply fascinating. This experience ignited a spark to design a kinetic art inspired by the water movement that is subtle and mesmerising. The array of wave-like arms which move to create a rhythmic pattern may also seem like a dance of the water waves. The arms also overlap each other which is also known as the Moire phenomenon, this allows the wave to form and gives you the enthralling feeling.



L 1800 X B 150 X H 450 MM

Core Materials:

Aluminum, Plywood, Acrylic


White, Copper and Black Auotomotive Paint