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For Dubai Design Week 2017, d3-based AR Gallery’s latest show seeks to widen awareness about climate change. In times when certain global leaders want to brush global warming under the fake news carpet, it becomes even more critical that we address the state of the planet more vociferously. Eschewing obvious or cliched interpretations, the State of Earth inspires change at the subconscious level.

Many of the featured designers collaborated with Apical Reform, applying their vision to the studio’s production capabilities to create new works specifically for the show.

MELT was exhibited at the state of earth event, Part machine, part glacier, MELT seeks to redress the imbalance between nature and rampant industrialization. The history of the Industrial Revolution – and its present incarnation – is reflected in a series of levers and gears. The mechanized beast is countered by the lightness of Swarovski crystals composed in the form of stoic glaciers.


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