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The installation tries to capture the tremendous power of emotions as powerful forces that mold our thoughts and behavior.

The pebble-like forms in the installation are representations of our evolved thoughts and perspective of life. The Reflective surface used in the bench represents introspection as a meaningful process that happens within us.

Like the process of erosion where the constant wind or water flow can turn the hard jagged rocks into smooth pebbles, powerful emotions also shape our thoughts over time. It also enables us to evaluate our relationship with the world and ourselves and reflect on what is important.

Recent times have made Human-kind more caring, compassionate, empathetic, and interested in the welfare of others as a result of collectively shared emotions. This also extends to behavioral acts of kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity.

Bench Size:

1800 X 455 X HEIGHT 465 MM

Bench Material:

Ply, Corian & Stainless Steel

Pebble Size:

150-600 Dia x 150-450 mm Height

Pebble Material:

Fiber Reinforced Plastic, Automotive Paint