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Held from 15-19 May 2019, the exhibition showcased collectible furniture and design objects curated from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam, and various parts of the country.

A bespoke professional design exhibition, DESIGN PIER brings together the best of contemporary and international design talents. The team carefully selected and exhibited pieces around specific themes, providing synthetic overviews on different design trends. Showcasing international designers, celebrity names, and upcoming new talent, Design Pier’s exhibition explores the unique way the creators approach the most anthropomorphic object in design THE CHAIR.

The exhibition presented 20 unique and collectible design chairs. Apical reform exhibited the Betula in the Pantone Color of the year 2019- living coral. A sinuous structure made entirely out of birch ply, the chair is a fine example of the beauty in fluid deconstructivism. As a piece of design-art, and of function, the chair’s seemingly simple form is revealed as layers of birch ply each individually designed are precisely put in place.