“Stingray” completes the synergy between art, mathematics, mechanics, and electronics. Seeking its inspiration from the mighty stingray, this abstract kinetic sculpture pays reverence to the majesty of nature and captures the beauty and trance-like movement of the stingray in slow motion.

Slowly accenting each gesture and movement, the on-looker is left mesmerized by the hypnotic and trance-like movement of the stingray, While its reflective finish creates a memorable aesthetic. Stingray is available in 8 limited edition pieces in charcoal grey and rose gold color.

While Apical Reform is known for its inventive proposals, the foundation of our works is consistently derived from nature. For a collection that explores motion in its many myriad formats, this piece seeks its inspiration from the mighty stingray. Almost as if they infinitely slowed down its motion to separate each gesture, this piece is an homage to the mighty creature in form and in its undulating movement.