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In was only in the mid-20th century that science began to understand the complex nature of fluid dynamics, although humans have always strived to absorb the notion of change and the thrill of seeing the balance between the permanence and impermanence of shape and form.

 The ‘Moire’ artwork is based on the famed Moire effect and engineering theory, and uses continual motion to achieve different visual patterns. The idea was to abstract phenomena that we see in everyday life, but don’t really pay attention to, through an exploration into the various parameters of overlay and distance and the control they have on how design is viewed. Two discs, one of which rotates 360 degrees, are nestled together, producing an intriguing interplay of lines through carefully conceived juxtaposition. When viewed from different vantage points, the viewer experiences multiple, mutative visual effects.


DIA 720 mm x Thickness 100mm


Mild Steel


Black & White, Black & Yellow


Size and color