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Drama rules the Arts, and mountains provide an ample source of that drama. When viewed within the dynamism of light and time, the same peaks and valleys offer an ingenious variety of landscapes.

Inspired by the typography of a cliff, ‘Jaw’ extols nature’s diversity in design, form and materiality. A fusion of wood and steel creates the levitated top for this monolithic artwork. Inherently subtle, the details and textures of the sculpted belly are easy to miss, revealing themselves only when explored closely. As much a spatial focal point as it a functional coffee table, ‘Jaw’ is representative of Apical Reform’s ethos of design as a transformative experience.

Small Size:

L 810 X B 810 X H 330

Large Size:

L 1100 X B 1100 X H 330


HDF, Ply, Mild Steel


RAL 2012. RAL 5023, RAL 5018