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Reality is not always fixed: what we perceive is largely based on what we believe, and so came the Theory of Forms, that explains how we visualise things, be a tree or a mountain or the night sky, symbolised through leaves and a trunk or an incline of rocks or a smattering of white dots on black inkiness. But what we believe is equally determined by what we perceive, and it is this conundrum often gives the human eye the ability to deceive as well as inspire our brains.

The ‘Dream+Reality’ installation is a mechanical trompe l’oeil inspired by the space between dreams and reality: an array of mechanically revolving discs create the bewilderment and wonder of a surreal landscape, which at a specific point, seemingly melts into an actuality that is familiar and aligned with what we have taught ourselves to believe. It is homage to that split second threshold all of us experience: the sliver-like chasm between belief and disbelief, between the familiar and the foreign.


L 1000 X B 1000 X H 80 MM